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Our Clinic

What can you expect when you first visit our clinic?

As Chiropractors we believe everybody deserves to have a nerve system free from interference. Our mission is to serve, inspire and educate all generations of Manawatu families towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

We see all members of the community here at Chiropractic HQ - families, pregnant mothers and their new born children, senior citizens, high performance athletes and anyone looking to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our aim is to ensure you feel welcome and at home in our comfortable, modern clinic.
  • Initial Consultation

    On your first visit to us you will be welcomed by our warm, friendly chiropractic assistants. Their role is to prepare you for your consultation with one of our highly skilled chiropractors.

    Before your chiropractic journey begins we start with your initial, no obligation consultation with the chiropractor. This first visit is designed to ensure you are in the right place to get what you are looking for, so we can determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate for you.

    You will be asked to answer a few important questions on our health questionnaire form. By learning more about you we can start to understand how best to assist you. Here you will make us aware of any spine and health related issues, specific concerns or complaints as well as clarify your needs and goals.

    We will begin to explore your health history to address any specific lifestyle factors that may be affecting your spine and overall health.
  • Assessment

    Following your consultation our team will perform a complete chiropractic assessment.

    Our assessment includes:
    • Posture and range of motion analysis
    • Spinal analysis
    • Any necessary orthopaedic and neurological testing
    • Non-invasive, pain-free EMG nerve and muscle Scan (electro-myography)
    • Infrared temperature scanning to assess you metabolic and inflammatory response
    • Heart rate variability to assess your stress response and autonomic nervous system function
  • Further tests

    Based on the findings of this assessment your chiropractor may recommend additional tests to further evaluate your specific condition. One of the more common test’s that might be recommended is a spinal x-ray.

    Our chiropractors are highly trained and licensed under the Office of Radiation Safety (New Zealand Ministry of Health) to take spinal x-rays when deemed necessary. For your convenience we have digital x-ray facilities on site here at Chiropractic HQ.
  • Report of Findings

    After your initial consult our team will find the next available time to schedule your Report of Findings visit. Your Chiropractor will take time to review the information gathered on your initial visit and report back their findings to you.

    Here the chiropractor will help you understand your condition, explain your options with chiropractic care, give their best recommendations and ensure you know what to expect with care.

    Once you are comfortable with the procedures you will then have the chance to begin your journey to better health by receiving your first adjustment.
  • Techniques

    We appreciate that every individual has different needs and comfort levels, so our chiropractors have trained in a wide range of gentle, safe and effective adjusting techniques to suit your personalised needs.

    They are both trained in and utilise lighter force techniques such as, Blair upper cervical specific technique, the Activator instrument adjusting, SOT blocking and all our adjusting rooms have tables with drop mechanisms for Thompson Technique.

    Our chiropractors have both done post graduate training in Gonstead technique, which is a hands on manual adjusting style with special Xray analysis to help find structural misalignments.
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